Education Resources

Six Seconds developed the “SEI-YV” assessment to measure youth emotional intelligence and support students and educators to focus on these skills.

The SEI-YV measures five essential “life barometers” (such as achievement and health) shown to the right.  These outcomes are hallmarks of effective implementation of social emotional learning.


At the same time, we recommend measuring the emotional intelligence of teachers, administrators, and even parents to support a holistic approach.  The SEI, like the YV, puts emotional intelligence into a context of important life and work outcomes by measuring both the competencies of EQ and key success factors.


In addition, a systemic implementation will examine the overall school climate.  EVS, or Educational Vital Signs, is a normed, validated assessment of school climate.  The tool surveys students, teachers, staff, parents, administrators, and other community members about key elements of a safe and effective learning environment.

Transformational Learning

Youth:  The Self-Science process is a proven approach to SEL, launched in 1967 and first published in 1978, it is one of the pioneering programs in this arena.  In his 1995 book on emotional intelligence, Daniel Goleman identifies Self-Science as “a model for the teaching of emotional intelligence.”  In the “EQ Store” Six Seconds also provides other curricula.  We believe that effective SEL programs are living and evolving, so we recommend using a blend of curricular resources including lessons created by teachers trained to do so.

Families:  The EQ for Families program is an excellent foundation for creating a systematic approach to teaching the skills of EQ to parents and caregivers.  It is essential for effective implementation that they are enrolled in the vision of SEL, learn a common vocabulary, and work to model the skills for youth in partnership with the school.