abi-testimonialProbably the best training course I have ever attended in 25 years of business.
James Dewar, Director, RMD Kwikform

A best-in-class process to bring EQ concepts to life.
Cynthia Ng, SVP Learning and Development HSBC

This is the best course I have every attended. I learned a lot and looking forward to sharing my learning. 
Pauline, Training Manager, Emaar Properties

A transformation program for yourself, your organization, and the world. You have inspired me for the next 100 years – thank you.
Genny Kresic, Director, MCAP

The EQAT provided a new set of skills and tools to deepen program design and delivery. We’ll use this approach to build transformational learning so our leaders are even more effective at strengthening relationships with employees and customer. This course is a must for any company committed to excellence in learning and development to unlock human potential.
Jimmy Daniel, Senior Management Education Facilitator, FedEx Express 

The course must be taken by all, no matter who you are.
Mohamed, Senior Manager Finance, Etisalat

This program enables me to apply the tools and learning with immediate effect. The learnings can be applied to self, at work and to my social network circle at large.
Callister Koh, Chief Human Capital Officer, Tecom Investments

After going through the certification process we were thrilled to find yet another advantage, on-line project management of the SEI. In an organization of over 6500 employees, we are easily able to establish and monitor simultaneous projects of any size that can be tailored to client need; and the report turnaround time has met the stated timeframe 100% of the time.
Holly Haines McCurdy, Organizational Training & Development, SUNY Upstate Medical University

I am close to retirement. I wish I had done this course at the start of my business life and not at the end. It would have allowed me to look at things differently, to have made better decisions, to have been an all-round better manager.
I now work in a university and I am going to make a business case to recommend that we offer this course as an elective leadership course to our business students.
Graham Challender, Director of Industry Liaison, The Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management

I look forward to taking my new knowledge back to my organization and sharing it in a new and better way. Level 2 was the next step I needed to become a true change agent.
Julie Binter, Senior Manager, Mission Resources, Make-A-Wish Foundation

# 1 Leadership Course.  A must for all future leaders.
Khalid Albanami, Financial Controller, Saudi Water Company

The brilliance of the delivery and collaboration of minds allowed for the power of EI to come through with great clarity.
Red Bardes, Management Education Facilitator, FedEx Express

There are many EQ training programs but Six Seconds and its phenomenal trainers are the real thing. You will be personally and professionally transformed.
Kathleen Ruby, PhD., Director of Wellness and Leadership Development WSU College of Veterinary Medicine

Emotions are so incredibly valuable and yet discounted so much of the time. This course connects the dots to bring the value proposition of emotions to the workplace.
Dawn Karner, HR Training Manager, Cache Creek Casino Resort

Selling with EQ was invaluable because it addresses that portion of the sales culture that comes naturally to a great salesman but is not seen as valuable to our not so great sales people. The ability to understand how our customer’s emotions and their perception of our taking care of their emotional well being in our service to them, can be instrumental in winning or losing an opportunity. The trainers did a great job of connecting to our diverse class of participants from around the world. I highly recommend Six Seconds emotional intelligence programs – except to our competition
Bill Ney, SIS Global Customer Training Manager, Schlumberger Information Solution

bill-testimonialEmotional Intelligence is one of the most crucial factors that we see in helping individuals achieve and sustain their wellness goals. SEI provides a simple but powerful tool to help our clients understand how emotions impact their success.
Bob Bates, President, Resolve Today, LLC

Training with Josh is transformational. You may get back home and feel like a labrador in a poodle town, but you will have great insights on yourself and others, a desire to make a positive future happen, and a personal commitment to something greater than just yourself.
CDR David A. Tubley, US Navy Chaplain Corps

After years of 360s that always pointed to the same issues, I finally feel that I have the knowledge, tools, and attitude to effectively address these issues.
Ellen Cohen

I attended the workshop to learn how to train others in EQ. I not only learned how to effectively use the materials, but also I learned a great deal about myself – which I’m now applying.
Tripat Mehrotra, Regional Employee Development Director, Rotana

One of our biggest challenges is how to get more employee engagement under challenging times with diminishing resources. SEI has been an effective tool for identifying emotional intelligence issues and improving discretionary effort including ‘real world’ action plans for improving emotional intelligence.We greatly appreciate the support, learning, and continuing research by the SEI team.
Bob Brooks, HR Advisor, FedEx

The course’s practical games and exercises kept everyone’s attention, provoked thoughts and generated ideas that supplemented the theory. Will keep this training session in my mind for many years.
Stuart Grossart, Account Manager, Schlumbeger

The course really helped me in understanding the characteristics of a successful leader.
Amna Mohammed, Etihad Airways

This course brought me deeply in touch with my emotions and inspired me to be a catalyst for change in the world. Thank you, Six Seconds!
Heather Kantor, CFO

Very enlightening. I never thought I could connect with this type of teachings but I am a believer.
Sean McCabe, Gen’l Mgr., Moulding and Millwork

A course which is a wakeup call into “why we do what we do.”  An experience to be cherished and shared with the world.
Conrad John, L&D Lead Specialist, Fedex

It truly was an amazing experiential and transformational learning process that you facilitated for me, far exceeding my expectations and I come away with a much deeper insight into myself and equipped with so many useful tools. I am living and breathing EQ and my noble goal is underpinning my life.
Nigel Young, Trainer and Coach

Wonderful program that challenges you to go into areas that you have probably never been before.
Ian Broom, MD, BDC International

I considered many EQ certification programs — this is the only one that promised a process I could use and adapt rather than just a script to follow. It delivered far more than promised. The course challenges you to grow an creates both commitment and resources.
Jodie Minor, Training Director, Deluxe

I am so glad that I took the right decision to join t his course. It was a great emotional learning that happened in the last 5 days. I am on a journey to know, choose and give myself.
Chandan Preet Kaur, Training Manager, BIRD

If you think fun is not part of an emotional course, think again. Hands down the most fun learning I have ever had!
Badre Alwardy, Industrial Engineer, Fedex

The practical demonstration of EQ competencies and clear explantations of research have helped me gain confidence and feel energized to implement SEL at my school.
Meghan Magillian, Counselor, Sacred Heart School

The most advanced human development model and practices available for leaders. I have worked with many leadership practices and programs and this is a must for anyone working with executives to advance his/her Emotional Intelligence.
Therese Lenk, President, Meadowlark Consulting Group.

This is the most worthwhile course I have attended. I has given me permission to focus on building and strengthening myself so that in turn I can strengthen my relationships and my organization.
Catherine Utian, Director, Organizational Development and Learning, Banner Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center

This was the most inspirational course I’ve participated in. It made me take stock of my current emotional intelligence and gave me the keys to unlock my EQ potential.
Christopher Singh, Account Manager, Schlumberger

Not only do I know how to use the tools, I also learned a lot about myself.
Andy Lyde, VP Organization Development, Center for Courageous Enterprise

This was an excellent course. It helped me in many different ways, at a personal and professional level. This was inspiring. I would recommend it.
Helen McVeigh, Chief Inspector of Schools (Cayman Islands)

How ever many programs I have attended over 27 years, this program should have been the first foundation.
Khalifa Al Bouainain

The Six Seconds faculty is connected to changing the world one person at a time. This work is the future.
Sheryl E. Cohen, PhD., Director, Stephens S Wise Temple Early Childhood Center (Los Angeles, CA)

A training program that will exceed your expectations. Authentic facilitators, like-minded participants, and a safe environment to explore this sensitive subject.
Bob Shaver, Program Director, Executive Education, University of Wisconsin, Madison

Using the Six Seconds emotional intelligence model and skill development process will most certainly help Scripps Health improve patient satisfaction and outcomes.
Jennifer Jones, System Learning Leader, Scripps Health

This course gave me a chance to slow down and really pay attention to my own emotional patterns. This will help me as a leader, parent and friend.
Lee Hays, Assistant Vice President, Americredit

The most meaningful and practical training I have ever attended.
Jennifer Kennett, Director, Elements Wellness Centre

This course brings down barriers between people: we grow individually and as a world community. Our common language is empathy.
Isabel d’Arenberg, Personal Coach

The most effective course I have attended in years. If you are looking for a course that will help you change, this is it.
Ragland Thomas, CEO, StaffIntel

Attending this session created clarity for me about how to move from success to significance.
Kathie Orlay, Director of Organizational Development and Learning, Banner Health

The course inspired me to incorporate the Six Seconds approach into my workshops and it gave me the tolls to do this.
Ann Rice, Instructor, UBC Continuing Studies

It helped me clarify and consolidate my values and commitment to a healthy emotional well being — to blending emotional intelligence and cognitive intelligence.
Susan Charles, Principal, Ohlone School PAUSD

A really excellent week. The trainers really “walked their talk.” I left inspired and with a wonder toolbox of ideas to enhance EQ in myself, family, and clients.
Jonathan Fielder, Management Consultant

I gained tools and inspiration to practice EQ in my personal life, work, church and school. I am sure this experience has created an everlasting one for years to come. Thanks.
Salvador Mora – Executive Director

I found this workshop – and the way it was facilitated – to be a deeply moving personal experience. I know with certainty that it will strongly impact me in three ways:
:: The way I interact with my immediate family
::  The work I do with my business clients
::  The way I personally manage my own life.
Andrew Lindesay – Management Consultant

One of the most excellent courses I have taken and highly recommended for any teacher, parent or instructor in different perspectives of work.
Barry Ip, EQ Teacher

EI has changed my outlook and perspective it has been one of the most profound trainings I have attended. Deep rooted impact, thank you for empowering me to shine the light on my path
Kristin, Treatment Center Director

This course taught me to trust in those things that have always meant a great deal to me and to trust in myself to know that although the path ahead maybe long and sometimes hard, their can be as much support, help and collaboration getting down the path as you want. I have so much more help that, yes, I can make a difference.If you want to begin to apply your passion, but don’t know how, then take this course — it will help put you on the path towards learning how to merge your vocation with your avocation — a noble goal indeed.
Sarah Hoffman

I have received renewed energy and new ideas that I can use to fine tune what I am already doing. I believe that you have accomplished all of the course goals and objectives in a an excellent manner.I appreciate all the time and energy that al of you have given to make my experience out of the ordinary.
Dan Boyd, Professor, Modesto College

I went from a rudimentary understand of the concept of EQ to having the capacity to effectively teach EQ skills to others.
Chris Soto, Doctoral Student, UPenn

In this course, you learn how to live fully and create your own future.
Magriet, Nurse Trainer, South Africa

This is one of the most helpful training events I’ve ever attended and I found that there were a lot of differences between this course and other courses I have ever attended.
Janet Lee, Trainer and Parent

If you truly desire to make EQ an integral part of your life, take this course. It is life changing and affirming.
Lynn Quinn, RN

Your hard work, generous spirit, enthusiasm, energy and ongoing commitment are appreciated, we feel attached to a greater whole.
Anne Landsberg, A+ Communications

You will not only gain a better understanding of EQ, but you will also gain a better understanding of yourself and learn techniques and strategies to share these skills with others.
Janet Cartozian, School Counselor

Six Seconds’ work is successful because it is built on a solid foundation; a cognitive foundation, a history of success in the community and a personal foundation — the staff of Six Seconds embodies what they teach.
Darin Smyth, MFCC

Six Seconds’ half day workshop was one of the best overview workshops that we have sponsored. Not only was their familiarity with the subject matter excellent, but their ability to present material in an interactive multi-modal manner made the subject matter literally ‘come alive.’
Claire Goss, Coordinator, Student Support Services, San Mateo County Office of Education