Global Office Team

Leadership Team

anabelAnabel Jensen, Ph.D.

President and Director, Center for SEL: a world-leading expert on how to teach emotional intelligence. She brings 30 years of pioneering experience as an educator, principal, and professor of education; Anabel has trained over 10,000 educators, parents, and individuals.
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joshJoshua Freedman

Chief Executive Officer: an expert in creating change and increasing value by tapping emotion. Joshua has led successful EQ programs in organizations and schools, and led the creation of the world’s largest network of EQ experts.
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Massimilano Ghini, MBA

Director, Center for Innovative Management: Professor of Human Resource Management at the oldest university in the West, Ghini is highly accomplished in designing and leading organizational change efforts, emotional intelligence development programs, and in advising leaders.
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Susan Stillman, Ed.D.

Director, Education, Global Office: With years of experience as an educational leader, scholar-practitioner, K-12 school counselor, and higher ed faculty, Susan brings a diverse background and set of skills to bear on her mission to build and sustain the Six Seconds’ educational programs. Full Bio | Blog | LinkedIN

lorenzo fariselli

Lorenzo Fariselli

Director, Research & Development: Co-creator of the SEI and Vital Signs assessments, Lorenzo is an expert in making the intangible drivers of performance visible and clear.





Jenny Wiley

Operations Manager, Certifications & Products: With a background as a business owner and educator, Jenny manages Six Seconds’ certification process and course registration, and is in charge of the EQ Store / Six Seconds’ products.


Marilynn Jorgensen, MA

Master Trainer & ICF Coach: An educator, trainer, counselor and coach, Marilynn helps people and teams gain insight and grow. Marilynn’s clients benefit from her 3 decades as an educational administrator, counselor, and business owner.  Marilynn leads Six Seconds’ Coaching practice. Download full bio.

Yoshimi Miyazaki

Program Manager, SEI: Yoshimi manages the SEI assessment for the global office, leading the 1-1 certification program and supporting effective use of this powerful toolset.


jimmy-danielJimmy Daniel

Consultant:  Jimmy delivers real-world, practical solutions for people leaders. In 29 years of FedEx leadership he learned a simple truth: Breakthrough performance only comes when employees want to give you their all. Download full bio.


alex russellAlex Russell

Consultant:  A scientist and coach, Alex supports evidence-based approaches to organizational transformation by bringing compelling insight through Six Seconds’ measures. 


jay grantJay Grant, MBA

Consultant: A former marketing VP and entrepreneur, Jay brings a blend of perspectives to understanding clients’ needs. His passion for coaching individuals to their optimal performance along with his business training combine to address the concerns of both the individual and the organization.  LinkedIN | Download full bio.

marshaMarsha Rideout

Admissions Director, Synapse School: Highly experienced in teaching Self-Science (Six Seconds’ emotional intelligence curriculum), Marsha provides practical solutions to assist individuals and practitioners put EQ into action.


debDeborah Havert

Consultant: Deborah (Debbie) Havert is a speaker, consultant, and coach leading Six Seconds’ programs in education, nonprofit and government sectors.


ed-wooddEd Woodd

Consultant: Drawing on thirty plus years as an educational leader, Ed supports schools to make emotional intelligence an integral component of their culture.  Download full bio.


lindaLinda Moller, MA

Consultant: Bringing over 22 years of experience in training and development, Linda leads transformational programs for businesses and organizations throughout Latin America and the US (Spanish and English) – based in Mexico. 


barbara fatumBarbara Fatum, Ed.D.

Consultant: Barbara is an expert in evidence-based social emotional learning. She is also the former Director of Assessments and Psychologist at Synapse School.



amyAmy Franklin, Ph.D.

Consultant: Amy blends an extensive background in public health with counseling and education to help educators and those in the public sector access their full capacity as teachers and change agents in the lives of children.