Mapping the impact of EQ performance

EQ is the ability to be smart with feelings.  How is someone performing with their emotional intelligence? The SEI 360 measures EP – emotional intelligence performance – or the impact of EQ on others.

It’s an incredible tool for in-depth coaching, performance development, succession planning, and team transformation.  The SEI360 is “just simple enough,” brief but substantive, providing clear, valuable feedback in the framework of the powerful Six Seconds Model.

A full-featured multi-rater assessment, the SEI 360 combines a statistically solid model with a practical feedback mechanism.

  • Brief (takes about 20 minutes) while maintaining statistical strength for structural validity
  • Behaviorally focused
  • Unlimited raters
  • Fully customizable rating groups
  • Self-assessment compared with rater assessment
  • Substantive, practical open-ended items
  • Opportunity to add evidence or comments on every item

The report provides a through orientation for the client, with brief definitions and explanations plus clear visual comparisons…


… detailed feedback by rater group…


… and line-by-line data…


The report also anonymously shows the open-ended feedback, and provides a structure for reviewing the data and developing an action plan.


Next Steps

To be trained to use the SEI360, attend a Certification Training

To take the SEI360 and receive a debrief from one of our Certified SEI Coaches, contact us