logo_certified_practitionerReady to go deeper?

Six Seconds offers a range of emotional intelligence certification programs ideal for change makers, trainers, coaches, L&D professionals and educators.  We’ll support you from your first EQ tools through to world-class expertise and you will be part of the preeminent organization for bringing EQ into practice.

Two popular courses:

EQ certification brochure

The EQ Certification

Our core program – in-depth, engaging, transformational. This course is ideal for people who want to develop their own EQ in order to help others develop. See some slides from… Brisbane… Tokyo… Jordan… Mumbai...

The SEI 1-1


The most flexible, practical way to begin. A blended program with coaching, elearning, and project work, this course prepares professionals to administer the best-in-class emotional intelligence assessment suite, the SEI.

Additional certification courses include:

  • CEQ: Coaching EQ
  • VS 1-1 & VS: Vital Signs Consultant
  • EQTE: EQ Tools for Education
  • EQE: EQ Educator
  • EQL: EQ Leader
  • EQAT: EQ Advanced Trainer
  • MC: Master Class

For more, read about Which Certification?

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Why choose Six Seconds?

Six Seconds is the only global organization fully dedicated to emotional intelligence development.  Our programs and tools are grounded in current science, made practical.  We don’t “just talk” about emotional intelligence, we use a robust methodology to make it transformational.  Read more about what makes Six Seconds a world leader in EQ

International Coach Federation.  University of San Diego.  American Institute of Business Psychology.  California Board of Behavioral Sciences.  Six Seconds programs are accredited from both academic and practitioner organizations — read more about accreditation.