Leadership Vital Signs

This graph is an instant view of the leader's and raters' scores on each driver

Measure and Improve the Drivers of Leadership Performance

LVS is a powerful online 360 feedback tool used for accelerating change and strengthening leadership

At a Glance:

Focus:  Rapid, actionable feedback on leader’s capacity to generate results

Value: Improve leadership; ideal when also using other VS tools as a performance model

Uses:  Change, people strategy, development, performance appraisal

Research:  Scores predict sustainability, results, satisfaction, agility

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LVS Applications

Accelerate Change:
In a change process, leaders need to understand their capacity for leading both the operational and people sides of change. The LVS offers objective, powerful feedback in a framework that supports the leader to turn the feedback into action.

Because the LVS uses the VS model, it is ideally suited to preparing leaders to make full use of the Team and Organizational Vital Signs tools

Professional Development:
Leaders rarely receive truly useful feedback. The structure and process of LVS captures and categorizes input from a range of key partners so leaders understand their impact both on the people and on the tactical side of performance.

Performance Appraisal:
The typical performance evaluation is highly subjective, inconsistent, and difficult to action. Using LVS, performance feedback is balanced, meaningful, actionable, and consistent.


An effective leader must be able to set a context where people can excel — this requires balancing organizational and individual needs, strategy and operations. Great leaders have a remarkable mix of vision and practical skill; they have unique insight, but perhaps even more important: They facilitate others to be effective at something worthwhile.  LVS provides a practical and powerful way to assess these essential qualities providing invaluable and actionable feedback.

The LVS provides insight about each aspect of the model - from multiple viewpoints. There are also clear, actionable open-ended questions.