SEI Certification

Accredited by the International Coach Federation

Accredited by the International Coach Federation

 To use the SEI toolkit with others, certification training is required.  Certified Assessors learn to administer, interpret, and debrief the SEI.

After certification, you will have access to the powerful “Tools Intranet” where you can create projects, deliver the assessments, manage client, and order credits to purchase the tool a significant discount.

Course Notes Brochure

SEI1-1: EQ Assessment Certification


In depth, customized, scheduled 1:1 — virtual classroom + coaching + practice = powerful learning

Scheduled to your convenience with your mentor-coach, you’ll learn to use the SEI toolkit in an highly practical, flexible process.  Download the brochure to the right and see the instructions for getting started today.  Option for Adult/Work focus, or Education/Youth focus.


CEQ: Coaching EQ Certification

In-depth, experiential, in-person training —  ideal for those who coach, and those who want to really sink their teeth into use of the SEI and EQ in coaching. This course teaches you how to use the Six Seconds Coaching Framework, a process for structuring and deepening coaching using the Change MAP and EQ.  You’ll also learn to use the SEI as a coach to provide new depth and insight into coaching.  See the course schedule or contact us to schedule this in-house for your team. Emotional Intelligence Certification for Coaches

EQTE: EQ Tools for Education

(Virtual or Live)

A complete toolset for social emotional learning; SEI Youth & adult assessments plus the school climate assessment.

Where other tests provide “diagnosis,” these tools offer insight, plus a powerful framework for putting emotional intelligence into action. Participate in a live 3 day class, or in a six session virtual option. See the course schedule.

Can also be delivered in-house for schools/districts/organizations – contact us to schedule.


Note:  If you want to use the SEI in a project without becoming certified, we are happy to administer it for you and our coaches will conduct the 1:1 debriefs for your client.  Contact us.