The EQ Coach App: Insight in Your Pocket

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The most powerful way to develop your emotional intelligence is through self-reflection and solving real-life challenges more thoughtfully.  The EQ Coach is your companion to see yourself and others more clearly.  The EQ Coach is a set of powerful questions with beautiful, symbolic images, based on the amazing EQ Coach Cards.

The FREE App includes 24 emotionally intelligent questions — plus you can flip over each card for more depth.  The FULL version of the App is just $1.99, and includes all 64 cards and a simple note-taking tool (writing or voice) to capture your insights.



Facing a challenge?  Need insight?  From the home screen (shown to the right), click to increase your awareness, expand your choice, or clarify purpose.


When you click one of the 3 large buttons, a question will appear for your self-reflection.

There is also a help icon (blue ? at bottom) with detailed instructions.


IMG_0637To the right is an example “Awareness” question.

Once you’re done with the question, you can:

  1. Click the Home icon to return to first screen.
  2. Click the New Card icon (next to home, on the bottom) and you’ll get a new card in this category.
  3. Slide your finger to the LEFT to “flip” the card and get more in-depth questions related to this one. (or click the Flip icon, #3 from left).
  4. Slide your finger UP to read more about this emotional intelligence competency (or click the I icon, #4 from left).
  5. If you’ve purchased the full version (just $1.99, including all 64 EQ Coach Cards), then you can click the Note icon (#5 from left) to write or record your thoughts & feelings.
  6. The far right “help” icon gives you insight about this section (in this case, Awareness).


Every card has a “flip side” with more in depth questions and explanations.

If a card is useful to you, “flip it” to go further into the exploration.


The cards are structured on the Six Seconds Model of Emotional Intelligence, so there are eight competencies.  You can “slide up” any card (or click the I icon) to read about the competency, and why it matters.



The Full Version includes a handy note tracker so you can keep track of your reflections.  Each note can be a recorded memo or text, and you can email the note to yourself or someone else.





Q: How do I use the App?

A: Think about a situation, problem, decision, or opportunity.  Next, consider:

  • Would it help you to understand more about your own feelings and reactions?   (click Awareness)
  • Do you want to clarify your options and the implications? (click Choice)
  • Would you like to understand more about your own goals and how your choices affect others? (click Purpose)

You’ll then receive a question (selected from our EQ Coach Cards).  Consider this question.  If you’d like to go into more depth, “flip” the question over by sliding your finger across the card, or clicking the 3rd icon in the bottom row (from left).

You can explore all three areas, and it can be useful to proceed through all three.  Or, you can explore one in depth, or…. it’s up to you!
Q: Why are there so few questions?

A: The free version includes about 24 “cards” – with the main question on the front, and several follow-up questions on the back.  This is enough to get started and start exploring.  To go further, the Full Version has 64 different cards — and it’s only $1.99.


Q: Can I get more help?

A: Sure!  You can post a question about the App on the comment section of this page and we’ll be happy to answer.  You might also want to join our Facebook or LinkedIN groups for more discussion of this important topic.