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People Experts

We partner with leaders to effectively work with and through people to create change and optimize emotional capital.  Through a robust methodology and an exceptional team, organizations save time, money, talent, and reputation by ensuring that people are on board.  For example:


At Komatsu, Six Seconds worked with leaders to implement our “EiInnovative” methodology to design and develop project teams that could rapidly design and iterate new approaches to innovation.  By understanding the change process and the neuroscience of people-performance, the leadership team created incredible success.  Within 90 days, the project teams had designed numerous new solutions to problems that had been long-standing roadblocks.


A major supplier of McDonalds, Amadori was looking for an edge.  Six Seconds supported the leaders to identify key drivers of individual performance, organizational climate, and financial success.  The result was a roadmap to immediate improvements in efficiency and smoother interactions between leaders, teams, and the organizational strategy.


To design their future workforce, the FedEx Ground Leadership University partnered with Six Seconds to integrate key emotional intelligence competencies into the “fabric” of leadership development.  Rather than “a course,” this approach is building a people-centered organizational culture where powerful concepts and skills become part of the “way we work here.”


…one of the best pieces of consulting I’ve seen in 30 years as an executive …”- George McCown, Managing Partner, McCown De Leeuw & Co., Inc.

Two reasons Six Seconds consulting is so effective:

1.  We are experts about people.  Six Seconds’ consultants don’t just talk about emotional intelligence.  We practice it.

2.  We offer a robust, scientifically grounded, approach to make the “soft stuff” easier.  We measure what matters, then we show you how to make it better.

In our consulting process, we generally focus on the “Vital Signs Model,” a framework to define performance for the whole organization, for teams, and for individual leaders:

When the five drivers (in blue) are working right, the four outcomes (in black) go through the roof.

What problem can we solve for you?

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