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apacWelcome to Six Seconds’ Asia Pacific (APAC) region!  Please see below for contacts in this region, plus upcoming events and recent articles.

APAC Contacts


sue-mcnamara150Sue McNamara, Regional Network Director, APAC.  An expert on integrating EQ into the fabric of organizations and communities, Sue supports rigorous, research-based implementation of EQ throughout Asia Pacific.Email | LinkedIN | Full Bio


Yasuhiro Tanabe, Regional Network Director, Japan.  An experienced business leader, Tanabe brings over three decades of operational and consulting experience in Japan and the US to integrate the concepts of EQ into the Japanese context.Email | Full Bio (English) |  日本語サイト

 natalie-roitman-tmbNatalie Roitman, Regional Network Director, China.  Natalie speaks English, Spanish, French, Chinese and Hebrew, and specializes in Cultural Intelligence, Emotional Intelligence and Strategic HR Management.Email | LinkedIN | Full Bio (English) 

dexter-valles-tmbDexter Valles, Regional Network Director, India.  Dexter is leading the campaign to create an emotionally intelligent India.Email | Full Bio | LinkedIN


glenYoshie Katsumata

Executive Director of Marketing and Sales, Six Seconds Japan キャリア・コンサルティング技能士2級(国家資格)


glenKazunori Tonouchi

Director, Marketing and Sales, Six Seconds Japan


Wendy Wu

Founder, Six Seconds China: An experienced coach and author for Harvard Business Review and Fortune China, Wendy supports leaders to tap their full capacity and optimally manage talent.



Preferred Partners
in Asia

EQ Asia – Singapore – delivering an extensive array of people-development programs featuring Six Seconds’ EQ tools and methods.

New Leaders – China – an HR consultancy supporting organizations to attract, select, develop, and optimize talent.

EQ Edge – Malaysia – partnering with leaders to build customer-centered, thriving organizations that deliver their full potential.

PowerUp Success Group – Malaysia –  training & consulting to measure and multiply the “DNA” of performance. 


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