Six Seconds is committed to making emotional intelligence available to a wide audience. To do so, we offer “work-study” scholarships to most of our programs in the US, and some internationally. The scholarship will be stated on the page about the course.

In exchange for your work, you receive a discount. Terms of the agreement are identified below.

Your work will be helping Six Seconds with its nonprofit mission of speading emotional intelligence. You can choose to do your service in any area below — or propose an alternative.

Suggested Projects

Marketing – Spread the Word about Six Seconds

  • email groups about our programs or events
  • recruit people to subscribe to our newsletters
  • recruit people to attend a workshop
  • submit letters to the editor or our press-releases to media

Web Content – Build the Knowledgebase

  • post articles from on other web sites to share info
  • translate articles or powerpoints
  • create new activities or powerpoints
  • add to our annotated bibliography

Training – Increase Skills

  • introduce Self-Science to local schools
  • arrange for a Six Seconds’ team member to do a presentation or talk (and persuade someone to pay for it)

Scholarship Terms and Conditions

You agree to provide work hours in exchange for a discount to a Six Seconds training or event. Our usual term is 10 hours for a 25% discount.

The hours must be completed within three months following the event unless other arangements are made, and the work must be completed to the best of your abilities.

You agree that if you do not complete the work in a timely manner, you will be responsible to pay back the discounted amount.

Six Seconds agrees to let you choose the kind of work you will do; you agree that Six Seconds will direct the specifics of your work so serve the organization’s nonprofit mission.

After completing your work, you agree to send Six Seconds an email stating what you did and how long it took.

Scholarships are provided on a space-available basis.

Scholarships are not available on all courses.

Requesting a scholarship means you have read and agree to these terms.

To apply for the scholarship, on your registration explain what work you plan to do and your expected completion date.