Come possiamo ispirare migliaia di persone ad allenare l’intelligenza emotiva? Una risposta potrebbe essere quella di dare a Network Leader degli strumenti che facilitino occasioni di incontro (i cosiddetti EQ Cafè) in giro per il mondo. Funziona davvero! Nell’ultimo trimestre, il tema proposto da Six Seconds è stato “Come impariamo?” ed il titolo dell’EQ Cafè è stato “The Puzzle of Learning”. E’ stato bellissimo vedere l’energia che i Network Leader sono stati in grado di creare organizzando centinaia di EQ Cafe in tutto il mondo, dall’Albania a New York.

Ecco un video che mostra le mille sfaccettature del nostro network in continua evoluzione. Se vogliamo creare un gruppo che segue valori di uguaglianza e rispetto, ecco come fare.

Giuliana Salmaso, Calabria, Italia

“Aiutati da Denise De Bartolo, è stato un successo! I partecipanti erano insegnanti, e i loro feedback sono stati entusiasti. Questo è quello che ha riportato uno dei partecipanti, spiegando il “collage” appena creato…..

“Imparare significa… riflettere su noi stessi, sui nostri desideri e aspettative… provare diverse emozioni negli scambi affettivi e nei rapporti in generale, creare comunità, immergere qualcuno in un nuovo mondo e in situazioni sconosciute, attraverso percorsi immaginari e reali (libri, film, musica…), tuffarsi in avventure, condividere interessi e passioni, osservare la realtà da punti di vista e “altezze” diversi, informarsi utilizzando diverse risorse”.

Ecco il resto dell’articolo in lingua originale:

Kelli Pocaro Schulte: “Wow that was fun and lots of good insights gained by all. Funny as I’m typing this, I can hear my daughter (who attended the workshop) in the next room explaining her Brain Brief Profile to her boyfriend! She was definitely paying attention! I cannot wait to run this Café again! Hoping to get a bunch of high school students through it next month!”

Diane Porter: “I did 2 Q1 cafes with participants who live in Canada but grew up all over the world and the discussions were awesome. “

Rich Hazeltine: “Professional trainers learning about EQ with the puzzle of learning: This really speaks to the trend of social learning in the workplace.”

Act Positive, Newcastle. UK
We explored the depth and breadth of learning and came to some new realisations about how we can learn better. A participant named Cheryl said “This was absolutely brilliant! Thank you to all for making me feel so welcome from the second I stepped through the door. What a brilliant group of people and such engaging conversation. Thank you to the facilitators and participants, I’m really looking forward to other events! A real compliment to say the time absolutely flew by!”

Neri Baker, Sydney Australia   “We had a lovely time this week with 20 people coming together from all walks of life to do the Puzzle of Learning Cafe. By the end, I had trouble getting the group’s attention because they were so deeply in conversation! It challenged and inspired people, and one person has already let me know that she tried out her ideas on the post-it notes with a great outcome! Others were very keen for the next event.”



Abdullah Veliu: “I just led my 1st EQ Café – Puzzle of Leaning in Tirana, Albania. Before the Café I felt unsure if everything will go as planned, then when I started to prepare the table, I started to feel more confident. When students and staff arrived, I started to feel exited to get started with activities. In the end I felt happy and surprised since the flow of workshop was better that I expected. Above all because of the engagement of participants and willingness to learn more about EQ tools in future. I feel richer this evening, I recall some precious point of views of participants. Many thanks to all that contributed for this event. Looking forward for next ones !”

Solafa Batterjee, Saudi Arabia-“ We had an interesting EQ Cafe last week with 15 respected female teachers from private and public sector all passionate about how to solve the puzzle of learning . One of the interesting things was that we had a 50/50 Arabic/ English speakers, which made us realize by the end of the session that feelings are global, and language is never the barrier as long as there is passion.”

Maria Elena Welch, Santa Barbara, CA, USA- We had such a fun time with this! They **LOVED** the puzzle exercise and it’s metaphor for learning and the 6 Seconds Learning Philosophy! Keep these great workshops coming!”

Makeda Gershenson, New York, NY, USA: Just finished up Q1 EQ Cafe in New York… “Small turnout, but a beautiful space and awesome insights.”

Sereen Wabeh- Amman, Jordan
“What a great experience with energetic and eager to learn teachers from different preschools in Amman. The beautiful and enthusiastic atmosphere filled us all with great energy that we can reflect on our students and children.”

Erika Skita, Hungary- “I had a great experience yesterday facilitating the workshop. I met 22 Hungarian teachers in Novi Sad, Serbia, and they were so excited to collect useful information and were working on to put that knowledge into practice. I am based in Hungary, but often travel and lead courses in the neighbor countries for Hungarian teachers there. Looking forward to the next Café!”

Alicia Du Plessis, Pietermaritzburg, South Africa- “A lesson that stood out most was the puzzle activity. We all go through challenging times and situations that are undoubtedly puzzling to us in the moment. We become confused, frustrated, stressed or withdrawn because things are not working out according to our expectations or how we think it should all fit. When we become more aware of how we react to puzzling situations in life we can find better ways to respond to it. What if our reactions and emotions cause it to become more puzzling than it really is?”

Shalini Behl, Mumai India- “EQ cafe on ‘Learning’ was full of amazing interactions with parents and educators with wonderful ‘A ha’ moments unraveling why learning was tough for participants while they were growing up. Great insights in the puzzle game where participants started to think outside of the box and created solutions that were collaborative and EI focused. More power to EQ and to the lovely people in the group doing phenomenal work. Thanks Joshua for the experience. Lots of love to everyone.”

Enahoro Okhae, Lagos, Nigeria: “Key take away…It was a consensus that “Learning is an Emotional Activity”, especially when participants realized that all the words that made learning difficult for them were emotional words…One powerful moment was when a Leader said she has been trying to teach a subordinate a particular way of doing a task and the subordinate really did not learn because she (subordinate) keeps complaining about the teaching method and the Leader said she (leader) prefers her own way…but she decided to change after realizing “No way is the way”; the incomplete puzzles was a huge “aha” moment when participants realized the solution came from collaboration and open mindedness. It was concluded that we would have had a better environment if people were aware of the Learning Philosophies and Emotional Intelligence.”

Vincent Subang Soriano-EQ Conversation Cafe Iligan – Philippines. “The ‘Puzzle of Learning’ was a good opportunity for all participants challenging their own thought processes, connecting with their feelings, and urging them to tap into their potential to become better. At some point during the discussion on obstacles to learning, most of the participants had their emotions aroused. They may not have remembered totally the circumstances but they remembered how those surrounding issues made them feel. Their feelings resonated deep within that you can almost feel it physically. In order for learning to work best we need not only know the Learning Philosophy but equally important to develop and instill discipline that requires a tremendous amount of personal conviction and courage in applying those things. Though some people may not like the word discipline because it is hard to practice or is associated with punishment but always in the end, the result is good for us. It enables us to go through the learning process which the results provide us the strengthening and rewarding we need.”


Gertrude Masuku, Dubai – What a wonderful and interactive morning. Everyone agreed learning is about connection, being brave and taking risks. Learning is Change! One of the participants realized she was blocked from being in action. When she connected with the learning philosophy ‘123 PASTA’, she had an inspiring Ah-ha moment that she could start being in action. Beautiful.”

Isaac Onoja, Abuja, Nigeria-“It was an exciting experience today at Q1 EQ Cafe, Abuja, Nigeria. Learning is LIFE.”

Yasmeen Al-Bulushi, Muscat, Oman
“What a rewarding experience -this Cafe was conducted with college students who are in transition period from school to college life- it was amazing listening to their reflection on their learning.”

Melanie Blanchard-France- “I am delighted to announce that I just concluded my first EQ Cafe!! I am impressed by the dynamism and the depth of the exchanges the activities lead to. It was almost sad to have to stop their group discussions! They all wanted to learn more about EQ and thought time went by too fast…they continued exchanging for one more hour after it ended.”