Dexter Valles is CEO of Valmar International, a Six Seconds community member spreading the value of emotional intelligence in India and beyond.

Why does emotional intelligence matter today?

“EQ practice brings wholesomeness and humaneness into the way we live.”

Our emotions drive our behavior. Even before our reasoning brain can respond, the emotional brain rushes to react — 80,000 times quicker than the logical cortex.

EQ practices can strengthen “EQ muscles.” or competencies. Then we can detect, observe, understand, influence, manage and sustain emotionally intelligent integrated brain. The result:  better decisions, better results. 

Why do you feel there is a need for EQ in India’s business environment today?

valmar-teamIn these fast-paced, stress, high-performance, result-oriented, competitive, and therefore extremely demanding modern days, any business transformation needs a supportive new culture as well. 

As INDIA advances rapidly in terms of technological progress and superior levels of global competitiveness, the pressures on the human resources driving this success are mounting. They are not only enormous, but also often overwhelming.

The core essence of life in India revolves around the family and traditional values demand putting the family above all else including self. However the strenuous demands of a ruthlessly competitive market driven by the sheer pace of change needs one to invest almost every ounce of energy and time into developing and delivering a new world almost every day!  

Finding Balance Amid Complexity

The faster and more complex pace of business and the consequent state of ‘being and doing’ demanded from various stakeholders – employees, business partners, suppliers – demand critical capabilities that seem to be almost impossible to provide the right balance between what one personally values and what seems to be necessary to succeed.valmar-dexter-2

EQ practice brings wholesomeness and humaneness into the way we live. It allows us to catch our breath in the mad race to success and helps re-evaluate the process of managing a sense of achievement that elevates others too along the way, and co-creates a life that is built on the hopes , dreams and aspirations of the community rather than the individual. Organizations become wise and compassionate communities of growth and development along with the right to be competitive and successful.

How are you using Six Seconds tools and materials and concepts to make a difference with your clients?

We are using EQ to connect to Performance Assessments thus helping people understand WHY they do what they do and this helps explain the WHAT that is often measured ( without the WHY ) and helps the individual develop an ACTION PLAN of Development ( HOW ) having understood how personal EQ Competencies drive the performance parameters being measured

The EQ Assessment tools – EQ Reports along with the Brain Suite of Tools are together making a great impact with people understanding their invisible and unconscious brain wiring impacting their EQ Competences which drive performance and relationships at work and life in general.

valmar-dex-balloonsHow does this work connect with your noble goal? 

Our noble goal was written as our VISION way back in the Year 2000 and we find great resonance with EQ Tools and Practices especially the KCG Model of EQ we follow at Six Seconds.Our VISION is To contribute significantly to Human Resource Development and influence people to continually ASPIRE for Success by adopting these tenets of life :A : Accountability for Results, S : Strength & Stability of Values, P : Passion & Purpose in Performance, I  : Integrity of Intent, R : Reliability in Relationships, E : Excellence as a Way of Life