Six Seconds’ model engages people in focusing first on strengths and talents… to change patterns when needed. In this interview with the team at Life Skills Italia, we see how EQ can be woven into education and life to support young people to thrive.

Why is emotional intelligence important? Can you give an example?

During the academic year 2014/15 we used the Educational Vital Signs tool (EVS) with a Middle School in Prato, Italy and outcomes stated 3 very interesting aspects that teachers valued as strategic:

  • the sense of Belonging to the school
  • a low level of Integrity due to lack of rules’ respect
  • a low level of students’ Engagement in grade 8 (the last of middle school in Italy)

On the basis of that, the Principal and the teachers began reflecting on recovery actions. For the a.y. 2015/16, therefore, the school decided to activate a tutoring path, s
tudents to students, grade 8 supporting grade 6, in order to co-write the school rules.

Each classroom of the school, moreover, started an Emotional Literacy program carried out by teachers trained by Life Skills.

LS Barca 

Why does EQ matter to your clients?

LIFE SKILLS® Italia is a professional association of trainers, teachers, sport coaches, parents and educators working in the Education and Health field.

In our experience, EQ makes the difference when one wants to become a successful educator. A good level of Emotional Intelligence allows people to be aware and intentional while working: choose proper words and adequate daily actions building an emotional leadership.

The awareness of a noble goal and values supports a person and youth in challenging moments during the developmental growth. In addition, it brings confidence and increases self-efficacy.


How is Six Seconds’ approach helping your work?

LS Team Emozioeroi 2015Some of our trainers and educators have been collaborating with 6Seconds since 2008.

We chose the Six Seconds Model because we found it easy to understand and eclectic in its applications: schools, families, sports and other domains.

The Model engages people in focusing first of all on their strengths and talents to face adversities, challenges in life and be able to change patterns when needed. This is exactly what we believe we should support individuals to do.


What’s one way EQ is helping you at Life Skills Italia?

We focus all of our activities on Health promotion through the WHO Life Skills education model. Our studies demonstrated a strong correlation between the 10 life skills and the 8 EQ competencies. That’s why we integrated the Six Seconds Model, to start with know yourself and self awareness, then choose yourself and give yourself, to land on cognitive skills as critical, creative and caring thinking to take optimal and sustainable decisions. The integration of the two models gave us crucial outcomes on the “Be Yourself” side of learning.


Why did you choose Six Seconds as your EQ partner?LS Formazione formatori

Being a Six Seconds Preferred Partner has been a natural consequence of our common values and vision.

In our daily work the Six Seconds assessment tools are fundamental to our training courses for adults and youth. Group reports and dashboards are incredible starting points to reflect with teams about what talents and skills can be put in place to take further actions and future directions.


What’s your Noble Goal?

Our noble goal or mission is “Activating people potential to support them in building the competencies they need to succeed in life with awareness and autonomy”.


Learn more about Life Skills Italia on their Preferred Partner Page.