I was coaching a professional engineer who makes a good deal of money. He was working flipping houses, working long hours, very focused on his work. He has a younger wife and two young children. We were trying to figure out why he was so sad despite having so much material wealth. He said, “I’m not getting along with my wife and my children don’t know me.“

I asked him to go home and ask a question to his wife: “Ask her what she needs for you to take her along on the journey with you.” The first thing she did was burst into tears.

They talked until one in the morning. She said she had never loved him more than at that moment. He says his life has never been the same since that conversation. It is nothing but good. The point is getting to the basis of what’s causing the pain. He could not see the aha that was coming down the pike towards him.


Jim Vaive, founding member of Spirit of EQ

I was looking for a way to make changes. The SEI was the starting point for a conversation. 

The Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence (SEI) instrument is robust. It has so many different levels and you can adjust it to the client’s needs. There is a tremendous amount of science behind it. The tools give us lots of information to share with others. We have other options for business people to make this worth going in to a place to talk to them. 

Lynette: Jim had given me the SEI and I had studied EQ in grad school but I hadn’t done anything with it. When I saw the SEI, I was personally looking for some actionable items. I was looking for a way to make changes.  The SEI was the starting point for a conversation. The result was a huge draw for me. I completed the Vital Signs. It resonated with what I studied in grad school. The Six Seconds model makes sense to so many people.


Lynette Vaive, teaching, training, coaching

Jim: In the next five years we would like to have touched 100,000 people with EQ. Affecting change is the main goal. I am seeing a tremendous drop in the way people treat each other. Our society is getting stimulated like a drug. You can only take in so much information, especially negative information. We start thinking the world is a bad place. We want to spread the good news, the good world view. My noble goal is to love everybody unconditionally while maintaining healthy boundaries.”

EQ in Business and in the Community

We are working primarily with the business community. Our clients range from small shops to a large power equipment company that deals with farm equipment. We’ve had a couple opportunities to present recently to healthcare organizations and universities, so we are hoping to expand into that arena.


What drew you to become a Preferred Partner with Six Seconds?

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The Spirit of EQ Team

I have always believed that the human is divided up into four quadrants. Intellectual, physical, spiritual, emotional. I couldn’t find the latter anywhere. Much of what was out there wasn’t that great. I met Josh at a presentation and it blew my socks off. I knew without a doubt Six Seconds was the group I needed to work with.


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